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Rubbish Chute



rubbish chute singapore

As every waste disposal specialist may tell you, dealing with garbage takes a lot of safety precautions, both on your property and in your home. If you have a rubbish chute in your home, handling the trash is much safer for us and the waste. While the recycling company who gets rid of your accumulated trash with ease. With all the trash being placed in the rubbish chute, the folks who live in such apartments lower their risk of having to deal with rats, mice, and other busy rodents who like to come into contact with the trash.

For whomever that live on floors, the quality of air improves because getting rid of garbage through a rubbish chute in a more orderly manner, eliminating disturbing odours. The germs in the garbage may contain many bacteria, which can cause serious health problems for the apartment residents and the place in which they live. Rubbish chutes are used as long tubes built into the interior structure of an apartment building and attached to openings on each floor of the apartment for residents to access.

Once the user has decided to discard their waste, all they need to do is drop the bag into the designated rubbish chute. The garbage bags run down the rubbish chute and reach the main dumping area where the trash gathered; usually, it would be sent to the ground floor. The lowest level of an apartment building is in the basement or a building with a large number of apartments, usually a single-family home or apartment complex.

We often neglected the rubbish chute which is among crucial home hygienic. Having a stinky and rusty rubbish chute will bring in crowds of cockroaches, andts and a great deal of other creepy crawlies.

Similar to drain pipes, rubbish chutes should be kept clean to prevent flying pests, cockroaches, ants and other crawling species from participating in your house.Rust-coated rubbish chutes are sanitary due to the fact that they always have a possibility to establish unnecessary holes that can quickly build up particles. Holes with sharp edges can tear plastic bags and expose the waste as it moves to the trash storage on the ground.

Rubbish Chute Should Have The Following Product Functions

– Fire Resistant

– Most current flat Surface area for simple maintenance

– Stainless Steel decline chutes, made from 1.2 mm thick material

– Flush design with mirror finish for the elegant look

– 99% air tight seal to stop nasty smell and no more water seepage

– Brief tongue, it prevents upper floor rubbish from striking your rubbish chute. This will lower noises and prevent subsequent damages to your rubbish chute.

– Avoid cocroaches from being available in. When the door remains in closed position, it will strike the rubber strip in the whole boundary in line with the door edges.

180 Days Product & Workmanship Warranty